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Thursday, 02 October 2014 00:00

Salesian Launches New Creative Projects Focusing on Animal Kindness

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In the Spirit of Saint Francis of Assissi, the Club has co-developed an Animal Kindness program with three humane groups: Take Me Home (an animal rescue group), spcaLA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Los Angeles), and Lucy Pet Foundation (animal health care).

The program, “Boys, Girls, Dogs, Cats - A Program of Respect and Kindness,” has been in existence for the past two years at the Club and has impacted over 1,200 kids and 2,000 families.

TV’s “The Dog Whisper,” Cesar Milan and Carrie Ann Inaba of Dancing with the Stars have been featured guests at the Club’s Animal Kindness public events.

The Salesian Old Boys (SOB’s) provided a grant which enabled the Club to produce a series of Kid/Animal Kindness Videos. One of the videos, entitled “Salesian Kids and Super Smiley the Dog,” won three national awards.

The Club’s first new project is a series of music videos centered on humane education/animal care.

The first video, “Fluffy and Sweetie – Animal Love Stories,” features a rap song that emphasizes the need to spay/neuter one’s pets. The song and video were written and performed by the kids under the mentorship of local rap artist, Mescalito, who has volunteered his time and talent to the Club on multiple occasions.

The second project is a coloring book written and illustrated by the kids. The book focuses on the development of positive relationships between one another and animals with a level of kindness, care, and love.

The book is currently in the illustration stage and will be published late this year. The Riordan Foundation and the Salesian Old Boys will co-sponsor this project.

The Club’s successful development of this program has opened the door for partnering up with Boys and Girls Club East Side to present the program to their kids and the community. The first partnership event, Kids for Animal Kindness, is scheduled for November.

The Club’s main mission is to instill in kids a spirituality that enables them to become aware of life’s situations, learn through positive educational steps, in a classroom, Church, or playground, and be able to respect themselves with the ability to share that respect/love towards others, animals and their environment.

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