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Friday, 10 October 2014 00:00

Salesian Embarks on College Bound Program

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The Club recently made an important decision on how to best serve the young in our care. For nearly 50 years, Salesian BGCLA has inspired many young people to be honest citizens and good Christians. This latest decree strengthens our mission: deliver the best programs to the students who need us the most.

College Bound is an evidence-based high school program that helps students succeed at their studies and prepare themselves for their vocational calling. Founder Mike Lansing ( developed this inspirational program because LAUSD students hover around 50% graduation rates. Consistently showing a 93% success rate (graduation and college ready), College Bound is our choice. The program focuses on case management and skills building.

The Club rolled out College Bound at Roosevelt High School beginning on the first day of school in August. “After the training took place,” says Executive Director Br. Tom, “the staff was so excited about the program and the student response at Roosevelt, we made the decision to also bring the program to our newest high school, Bernstein STEM Academy.”

The difference between College Bound and other similar programs is the “who” is being targeted. College Bound is to help all students not just those who are already successful. We are targeting students who make up 80% of the schools’ population. According to Chief Operations Officer Jay Conner, “The top 10% don’t need us, the bottom 10% are outside our field of expertise.” Our decision is to focus our resources on the largest number of students possible, those normally ignored by other college readiness programs.

The Club’s bold decision to pioneer into our public high school campuses is a deliberate move to help more students uncover their dignity and make healthy choices about their lives. We invite you to pray for our success for the students at Roosevelt High School and Berstein STEM Academy.

Be Great. Be Salesian.

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