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Monday, 03 November 2014 00:00

Cyber Teams Focus on Bigger Picture

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Salesian’s Roosevelt High School Cyber Team participated in the national CyberPa-triot competition this past October.

The 6-hour event, hosted by the US Air Force Association, featured students from all over the country applying their tech skills to secure computer systems from simulated hacker attacks.

Of the 6 teams representing RHS, one achieved a perfect score of 200 with the other 5 close behind. While our students rank among the country’s elite, their focus is bigger; much bigger.

Homeland Security and Department of De-fense joined forces with high tech corporate sponsors like Northrop Grumman, AT&T, and Cisco, who are interested in hiring students for meaningful careers. There are 5 jobs avail-able for every student in the cyber industry yet our students see a bigger picture: they want to help others.

Cyber Team President Imtiaz M. shared his “Pay It Forward” vision after the competition last weekend. “I have worked hard all my life,” he said, “and I want to inspire others to make the world more secure.”

Imtiaz credits his cyber-passion to Coach Koda Kol, who enhanced his love for computers and desire to do something important in his life.

Senior Kimberly J. also shared her story about how computer proficiency has changed her life. Her confidence goes beyond the early years of fixing computers to feeling more in control of her life through “being more organized.” Kimberly shares her confidence with other students as a peer tutor, a meaningful way to help others in Boyle Heights learn the world of computers.

When questioned why students are so involved in this program, Cyber Coach Yolanda responded, “This program is a relevant topic for these students. They have accepted the intense challenge to protect their friends and families and have achieved outstanding results.”

Being a frontrunner in a national competition is not enough for Roosevelt students: they want to leave a legacy of selflessly helping others. Like Don Bosco, these students are putting “the big picture” of helping others into practice. Their leadership is inspiring and may we all follow their example.

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