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Wednesday, 14 January 2015 00:00

News from the Wabash Game Room

The Club strives to continually upgrade and improve not only the educational and recreational services for our kids, but the facilities. This year started off with the Wabash site’s Game Room.

The first of many projects is to replace and upgrade existing equipment. First on the list was a donated classic pool table, built in 1909, which was refinished with new veldt and pockets. This donation inspired the Salesian Old Boys to step up and re-veldt and repair a billiards and a second pool table.

The second major donation came from the Los Angeles Lions Club; two smart TV’s and XBox 360s. These will enable the Club to provide interactive exercise, dance, and educational games to the kids. The Xbox’s Kinect camera allows the kids to physically participate in the games by following the dance moves or exercises on the TVs.

The third donation of six new computers came from the Watts/Willowbrook Boys & Girls Club. These new computers have enabled the Club to upgrade its administrative functions.

The Club’s goal is to ensure that the kids get the best from the Club. This includes not only education, music, art, humane education, sports, or table games, but the facility and equipment. A safe and healthy environment with the best equipment allows the kids to feel pride of ownership of their Club.

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